We offer an innovative pure server-side solution for broadcasting targeted TV from the provider directly to every end-user device and platform. It creates a connected and interactive viewing experience, independent of apps.

Give viewers a personalized TV experience on any device they own and smartly combine content personally relevant to them within the broadcasted programs.

This solution facilitates effective management of linear broadcast into various countries with different content regulations.

Our server is designed for easy integration with Business-Intelligence systems. This combination enables linear streaming of more targeted content, that better fits the consumer, to maximize the impact of advertisements.




1019GP-TT / 1029GQ-TRT

4 x Nvidia Tesla P100

2 x Intel Xeon




Embedded CentOS

Hardware accelerated

up to 8K

Redundancy & Scalability

Animure's server supports a synchronized cluster installation, enables easy scalability and sharing of resources between the systems under load, with frame-accurate synchronization across the entire cluster.

The modular architecture of the server maximizes the graphical processing abilities of its GPUs. It avoids the traditional bottlenecks of data transfer, by using a single video source to feed any number of desired outputs in real-time.