• Server-Side Solution. High-End GPU server, hardware accelerated performance for linear streaming
  • Linear Connected TV. Designed for targeted live broadcasting, allows personalized stream for each viewer
  • Adaptive Screen Layout. Automatic adaptation of live broadcast to all Smart TVs and handheld devices
  • Live Graphic Editing. Broadcast multiple views simultaneously, composed from any number of incoming streams
  • API for BI. API for integration with Business Intelligence systems; easy log export to external auditing systems
  • Viewers privacy. Know what your viewers are watching while respecting their privacy.
  • Extraordinary experience. Upgrade any stream with 3D objects and turn every commercial into a shopping experience.

Best Quality for Live Experience

Real-time stream composition technology enables making everything inside the live stream interactive. From giving viewers the ability to watch several live streams at once and navigate between them, to turning every commercial into a shopping experience, without disrupting their viewing. This server-heavy architecture creates a connected TV viewing experience over the internet, for every screen - from Smartphones to Smart TVs.