Multi-Views are created by dedicating a virtual GPU with a personal Graphics engine to each viewer. All the engines have the same source and they simultaneously perform different graphic editing.

Designed to perform sophisticated graphic editing in live real-time, without adding delay, and can adapt ultra-high resolution live stream appearance to each viewer.

Combines GPU hardware and state of the art software to convert a single live broadcast source into multiple personalized live streams, all perfectly synchronized.

Provides the highest quality experience at ultra-high resolution, to any consumer on any device, using a pure server-side solution that doesn't rely on customized apps.

Features of The Server

  • Live creation of multiple different customized views
  • Frame-accurate synchronization for all viewers
  • Supports advertisements flags and meta-tags
  • Real-time composition based on viewer-interaction
  • Video re-timing for muxing different sources
  • Video advertisements and overlays insertion
  • Automatic loudness normalization
  • Graphical live RSS feeds
  • Stereoscopic streaming
  • Compatible with streaming resolutions up to 8K
  • Server-side graphic rendering, supports all players
  • Multiple Picture-in-Picture with dynamic frame position
  • Triggered and automated animations
  • 3D models with environment and manual lighting
  • Physically based material rendering with live reflections
  • Beautiful artistic effects, full screen or selective area
  • Automatic color corrections
  • Chroma keying by custom color & skin tone
  • API for BI and external management systems
  • Scripting language with live command insertion